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How to Ship a Car to Holland


Research international car shipping companies to see which one you would like to employ. Numerous companies will ship your car to Holland so check with several of them to see which one would be best for your particular needs. Many companies even have a few options among ways to ship your car such as container shipping or roll on, roll off. In container shipping your car will be loaded into a 20 to 40 foot container at a regional warehouse or port and your car will be tied down to prevent movement. The container will then be shipped to Holland. In roll on, roll off, your car will be driven onto the ship and secured under the car deck where it is protected from the elements. It will be unloaded in Holland. Many major car makers ship their vehicles using the roll on, roll off method.


Get a free quote from the companies you're most interested in using and, depending on the price in comparison to the services rendered, make your decision and book passage for your car with the company of your choosing.


Talk to the shipping company about customs and who will file the paperwork and forms. Also ask about customs duties and if that's included in the price or if you'll need to pay them beforehand or when you pick your car up in Holland. After asking the company representative your questions, fill out any required paperwork to submit to the Customs Administration.


Clear all valuables out of your vehicle and secure them in a safe place as a precaution. Remember to remove GPS navigation systems, stereo systems if they are removable and any cash or monetary items.


Arrive at the appropriate port or warehouse on the day of loading at the designated time. Load your vehicle or leave the keys as instructed. Fill out any additional paperwork and confirm the pickup date, time and location. Pay for the service if you have not already done so.


On the day of pickup, arrive at the specified location and pick up your vehicle. Fill out any necessary paperwork to confirm the delivery and drive your vehicle away.

Tips and Warnings

  • Remember that when booking travel, you will have to enter "Netherlands" as the name of the country. "Holland" is not a country; rather, it is the name of provinces within the country of the Netherlands.

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