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How to Stop A Car With No Brakes


Stay calm. A cool demeanor is your most valuable tool in any crisis.


Shift to the lowest gear. This works best with a manual transmission; but you can get some braking power from an automatic transmission as well.


Put on your hazard lights. Let other drivers know that you have a problem. Honk the horn as you come up on other drivers.


Pump the regular brakes. You may be able to slow down your car a little bit, enough to change a serious accident into a minor one.


Try the emergency brake. Be careful doing this. You might lock the wheels and put your car into a skid.


Steer your car toward a safe area. If you can head uphill without endangering other drivers or pedestrians, do so. Otherwise, steer toward a good place to crash.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you can't get the car into a lower gear, put it in neutral. This disengages the transmission and may allow you to force the transmission to a lower gear.
  • If you're going to crash into another car try to hit bumper to bumper or side to side. Although they're still plenty dangerous, these types of crashes are slightly less so than a T-bone collision. If you have a choice between a head-on collision and a rear-end collision, take the rear-end collision.
  • Wear your seatbelt while driving. Proper restraints will help you walk away from a crash caused by brake failure.

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