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How to Take Action After a Car Accident


Seek aid for any apparent injuries.


Call the police.


Notify security if the accident occurs on private property.


Give the authorities complete and accurate information.


Ask that a written report be made and get the report's identifying number.


Secure the names, addresses and driver's license numbers of other involved parties.


Get the other car's license number and state of issue.


Call your insurance agent and relay the pertinent information.


Discuss with your agent whether to file a claim through your own insurance company or pursue a liability claim against the other party.

Tips and Warnings

  • Take a picture of the vehicles and accident scene if you have a camera.
  • Find and secure names of witnesses.
  • Do not admit fault or discuss the accident with other involved parties.
  • Don't leave the scene of an accident until all relevant information has been exchanged.

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