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How to Use Cruise on a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse


Begin driving as normal and get up to speed.


Press the side button on the cruise control lever to turn the cruise control system on. This will not lock any speed in, but will allow you to begin giving the system commands.


Speed up to your exact desired speed and press the cruise control lever down. This will set the cruise speed. You can now let off the throttle pedal and the cruise will take over.


To accelerate and increase your set speed, hold the cruise lever up. Don't use this for large speed gains, though, as the motor tends to try to cover variables very quickly.


To decelerate, hold the cruise lever down, and the vehicle will slowly decrease in speed, setting the cruise speed lower and lower.


Press the brake at any time to disengage the set speed of your cruise control system.


Press the cruise lever up after having pressed the brake to reengage your previously set speed. Keep in mind, the cruise control will only remember previously set speeds if you didn't turn the cruise off using the "On/Off" button.

Tips and Warnings

  • Practice using your cruise control. It takes time to get used to a cruise setup.
  • Always stay road aware when using cruise control. Keep your full attention to the road at all times.

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