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How to Use a Viper 1002 Car Alarm


Activate your car alarm by pressing the button on the remote that looks like a locked pad lock for one second. You will hear a brief chirp, and your headlights and brake lights will flash once to indicate that your car has been alarmed. If you have power door locks, they will automatically lock upon arming.


Disarm your alarm by pressing the button on your remote that looks like an unlocked padlock for one second. You will hear two chirps and your headlights and brake lights will flash twice.


Turn off the alarm chirps temporarily by using the silent mode. Press the "Aux" button for less than one second before pressing the button that looks like a padlock. This turns off the chirps of the alarm setting for that one time. You have to perform this step each time you want silent mode unless you request the dealer to program it in permanent silent mode at the time of installation.


Disarm the alarm without a remote by pushing the valet button. Place your key in the ignition and turn it to the on position. Press the valet button the preset number of times indicated by the dealer that installed it. This allows you to disarm the alarm if you lose your remote.


Press the star button for the panic alarm. This is activated by pressing the star button for two seconds. Use this function when you need to set off your alarm if you feel threatened when you are near your vehicle.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep your receipt of the professional installation of your alarm. Change your remote battery annually.

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