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How to install the cassette AM/FM stereo radio back into a 1992 GMC Jimmy


Before you put the stereo unit in, ensure that the metal clip holding the white connector to the back of the right side of the radio unit is connected to the radio and seated properly.


There are 3 stacked connectors on the left side of the radio: blue, white, and black in that order. Each connector is different so you can not put the wrong connector in the wrong hole. Install the black connector in the bottom left hole in the back of the radio.
Try to pull the connector out. If it comes right out, push it in again (it may click) and make sure it doesn't come out.


Install the white connector in the hole above the black connector. Try to pull it out.


Install the blue connector in the hole above the white connector. Try to pull it out.


Slip the black connector from the dashboard on the white connector attached to the back right side of the unit and ensure they do not disconnect.


Insert the antenna cable all the way. Make sure it is properly seated.


Push the radio into place and align the two screw holes. Install the two screws holding the radio in place.


At this point you can turn on the car and test the radio. Test each speaker individually. If something is not working, it is because you did not connect a connector properly, assuming something else is not wrong. I had not connected the black connector on the left side properly and I did not have a rear right speaker. If you get nothing but static, it is usually because the antenna cable is not connected properly.


Get your stereo unit bezel.


Attach the cigarette lighter connector. It just slips on.


If you have a rear window button or any other type of connector in the bezel, you need to reconnect it. Gently push the button connector through the back of the bezel. Attach the connector to the button and snap the button back into the bezel.


With the glove box open, align the bezel by sliding the tab on the top left into place. Install the two screws in the right side. These are flat head screws.


Install the screw on the lower right side. This is a counter-sunk type screw.


Wiggle and slide in the ash tray.

Tips and Warnings

  • You may want to disconnect the negative battery cable so you do not short out anything.