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How to talk yourself out of a speeding ticket


If you think you're the one they've caught, pull over immediately and RELAX.


Smile and do what your told. "License and registration please" is the drill. Don't try to talk until the officer has received the requested materials from you. Officers are very focused and it's best not to interfere with their focus.


When asked, admit you knew you were speeding. Then be quite and let him scold you. Look contrite and sorry and acknowledge what you did was wrong. Let the cop be authoritative, it will make him feel like he's doing his job. Before he starts writing up the ticket, engage him in light banter designed to distract him from writing up the ticket.


Make eye contact (even if he's wearing impenetrable sunglasses) and shine those pearly whites. Be charming, sincere and engaging ... funny is a plus but it can backfire. If you can flirt in a subtle way, go for it. While developing a rapport, ask if it's possible to receive a warning just this time.


Smile and shut up.


Look grateful and subordinate.


Thank him and drive away. Do not call your friends on your cell until you are out of view.

Tips and Warnings

  • This advice can be used for any kind of driving violation, not just speeding.
  • Unfortunately it's easier if the driver is female and the cop is male or visa versa. However, if you're long on charm, you've got a chance.

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