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Problems With Power Seats in Fords

Ford has manufactured vehicles for more than 100 years. Although automobile manufacturing becomes much more efficient as years pass, there are still many errors that occur throughout the process. Many problems result in recalls. One such area is power seating, which has seen multiple recalls over the years.

1992-93 Ford Crown Victoria

Problems with power seating date back to the early 1990s. When Ford manufactured the Crown Victoria in 1992 to 1993, an estimated 16,000 units were recalled due to problems with the power seating. Mostly occurring in cold weather, the problem occurred under the floor mat, where the power seat harness connector was stored. When vehicles operated in cold regions where large amounts of ice and salt entered the floor mat, puddle accumulation occurred. The puddles made the connectors wet, which caused premature corrosion, breaking the current flow between the connectors. The power seating operation suffered as a result of this.

2000 E-150s and E-350s

Use of faulty bolting has been a common recall issue when it comes to seating. The E-150 and E350--vans that Ford manufactured--suffered a similar fate when a recall was issued for the base of the power seats. As the welding on the pivot pins was defective, cold weather caused a likelihood that the welding would fail. The seat occupants faced increased injury risk because of the faulty bolts.

2010 Models

Subsequent power seating recalls include models of the Explorer, Mercury, Explorer Sport Trac, and Fusions. More than 33,000 recalls have been issued due to the vehicles failing the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard's crash tests. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a statement saying "In the event of a crash, the seatback and head restraint may move rearward, increasing the risk of injury." Many vehicles, complete with power seats, that were built during December of 2009 and February 2010 were recalled.
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