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Reducing Gas Emissions From Your Car


Turn off your vehicle when idling in a safe situation, such as your driveway, parking lot, or drive-through window. To save gas, only turn your vehicle off if you intend to sit idle for more than 30 seconds. Do not turn your vehicle off when sitting at a stop light.


Use public transportation whenever possible. If possible, ride your bike or walk to the train station instead of driving.


Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle, which includes checking tire pressure, replacing an old air filter, and getting an annual tune-up.


Stop speeding and excessively pumping the gas pedal while driving. Practice driving at a steady speeed. Excessive accelerating wastes gas, creating more emissions from the burning fuel.


Remove obstructions or heavy weight from the roof of your vehicle. Rooftop obstructions cause extra weight and friction, which requires more gas out of your tank to get from one place to another.


Check with coworkers or your employer about arranging a daily car pool. Car pooling can save on commuting costs.


Consider purchasing a hybrid, or a more fuel-efficient vehicle. You can get as much as 50 miles to the gallon driving a fuel-efficient vehicle.

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