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Rules for Four-Way Stop Signs

Four-way stop signs require drivers to come to a complete stop while other vehicles drive through. Four-way stops may be used when stop lights are out of service due to blackouts after a storm or during maintenance. Drivers must obey the rules at four-way stop intersections to prevent accident from occurring.

Yield to the Other Driver

There are rules for drivers who arrive at a four-way intersection at the same time. For two vehicles that are perpendicular to each other, the driver on the right has the right-of-way. Drivers that are facing another vehicle while attempting to turn left will need to yield to the oncoming vehicle. In some situations, drivers on the left or on the opposing side may often go first when it is not their turn. If this is the case, drivers with the right-of-way should yield to the opposing driver to prevent an accident.

First to Arrive Goes First

The vehicle that arrives first to a four-way stop sign has the right-of-way. Drivers who reach the four-way intersection after another vehicle should wait their turn and drive through the intersection after vehicles which arrived prior to them.

Full Stop at Intersection

All drivers who are approaching a four-way stop sign must come to a complete stop once they have reached it. Vehicles should no longer be in motion once they arrive, and the front bumper of the vehicle must be behind the indicated line. Vehicles that approach a four-way stop that does not have lines at the intersection must stop the front of the vehicle flush with the stop sign. All vehicles should stop long enough to appropriately yield to other vehicles. Once the road has cleared or it is the vehicle's turn to drive through, drivers should look both ways before continuing to ensure that no other vehicles have proceeded through the intersection out of turn.
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