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Safety of Convertible Cars

Rollover Safety

Rollover safety is one of the largest remaining issues in convertible safety, according to CNN. While hard-tops may look safer than soft-tops, they don't offer nearly the same protection as a permanent roof. Newer convertibles combat this with reinforced windshield frames and automatically deploying metal bars behind the back seats. These measures serve to prop the car up during rollover, preventing contact between passenger heads and pavement.


Convertibles are easier targets for thieves, according to MSN Autos. Soft-tops are extremely vulnerable, with many being accessible with a simple knife to puncture the cloth or plastic convertible cover.


Older convertibles may be more prone to problems. Aside from newer cars generally being designed smarter and with more safety features, older convertibles likely won't have reinforced windshield frames or even airbags, if old enough.


Not all convertibles are built equally. While some utilize improved safety measures, others may ignore them to keep the price down. Be sure to check out a convertible's safety rating before making the purchase.
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