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The Correct Way to Wear a Seatbelt


Get into the vehicle and sit in a comfortable position.


Place the shoulder belt over your right shoulder if you are on the right side of the vehicle and over your left shoulder, if you are on the left side.


Pull gently on the shoulder belt and pull it across your chest, so that it lies in the middle of your shoulder. Adjust the seat belt so that it holds your body securely, but not too tightly. Do not wear the seat belt under your arm. Do not wear the seat belt loose, as this will not prevent you from being thrown against the dashboard or windshield.


Slip the shoulder belt buckle into the buckle locking mechanism and listen for the "click." Ensure that the seat belt is not twisted, as this reduces the width of the belt, which has been specifically designed to spread the collision force across your entire body.


Tug the belt upward to check that the buckle is locked securely.


Wear a seat belt even if you are pregnant, but position the lap belt lower than normal so that it puts pressure against your pelvic bones and not against your abdomen.

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