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The Specifications for Firestone Air Bags

Airbags, also known as air springs, are components used in air suspension vehicles to replace or assist load-bearing parts such as coils and springs. A properly equipped vehicle suspension will utilize the correct combination of airbags, air brackets and air cylinders, according to the vehicle's manufacturer specifications. The use of airbags provides smoother rides during adverse road conditions. Air bags also improve braking effectiveness and extend the life of tires. Firestone airbags should not be confused with the air bags located in the steering wheel that inflate following accidents.

2,600 Pound Firestone Air Bag

This airbag was designed after two years of strenuous testing, in order to surpass the demand for higher pressure to support and raise vehicles. It is operational at 150 PSI and has a test pressure of 400 PSI. The compressed height is three inches, the extended height is close to nine inches and the ride height is between 5 ½ and seven inches. The maximum diameter of this air bag is approximately 7 ½ inches. It is available in 3/8 and ½ inch port sizes.

Firestone Ford 150 Ride Rite

Ride rite air springs were manufactured for 2009 and 2010 Ford F150 two- and four-wheel drive vehicles. They are installed on the rear axle between the frame and the suspension. Installation time is one to two hours and does not require drilling. The level load capacity is 5,000 pounds. These springs are designed for installation on most light trucks, RVs and SUVs. F150 Firestone Ride Rite airbag kits can be purchased without optional air compressor kits.

Firestone Coil Rite

These air springs fit inside existing coil spring suspensions for extra support. This model is used in cars, minivans and trucks. Coil Rite air springs are made of elastic polyurethane. They adjust to level the vehicle by inflating or deflating, depending on road conditions and load weight. This prevents the frame from sagging. They support 500 to 1,000 pounds and take approximately one hour to install.
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