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Tractor Trailer Driver Safety


During driver training, the individual learns how to drive defensively in order to avoid accidents. This includes learning how to maneuver the truck in order to avoid an accident. Drivers also learn how to inspect a truck before taking it out on the road and proper maintenance of the vehicle.

Safety on the Road

Drivers who have not had enough sleep can present a huge danger on the highway. Truck drivers are allowed to drive up to eleven straight hours on the job after having ten hours off. In a seven- to eight-day period, the driver can only drive sixty to seventy hours total. These regulations protect drivers against driving drowsy and causing an accident.

Other Considerations

A tractor trailer driver must be aware of potential hazards that can present themselves on the road. These can be related to severe weather, a road construction zone or hazardous driving by other motorists. Being able to make good decisions and to problem solve through these kinds of situations is imperative to the job.
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